New Ecommerce Exploit: Are You At Risk For a Hack?

This week: Zuckerberg weighs in on the future of AI and Meta, Google updates its Video Indexing Reporting, Reddit falls victim to a boycott, and advertisers across the globe express their concern with Microsoft and Google’s use of AI ad placements.

Here’s what happened this week in the digital marketing news:

1. Zuckerberg Has a Plan for AI + Meta

2. Great News for Google’s Video Indexing Report

3. Reddit Goes Down – Temporarily

4. Google Makes Accessing Your Website Easier!

5. TikTok Tries AI Script Generator On For Size

6. Should Advertisers Be Concerned with AI Experiments by Google & Microsoft?

7. Hackers Are Targeting Ecommerce Websites Worldwide

8. New Perspectives Filter Rolled Out This Week.