Tons of AI News That You Probably Missed

A breakdown of AI news from this week.

In this vid Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

0:08 CM3leon

3:07 More details on xAI

4:28 Wix Text-To-Website

5:54 Microsoft 365 Copilot

6:19 Microsoft and Meta Partner?

10:16 Is ChatGPT getting worse?

12:33 ChatGPT Increased Message Limit

12:50 ChatGPT Custom Instructions

14:03 OpenAI Partners with Journalists

14:35 Google Testing AI To Write News

15:12 AI Generated South Park

17:38 Apple Testing ChatGPT-Like Bot

18:24 Superhuman AI 20:55 8,500 Authors Ask LLMs to Stop

22:35 AI Art Lawsuit Has Flaws

24:00 GitHub Copilot Chat Launches

24:27 Illumine AI 2D-to-3D

26:12 Conclusion your own models, make videos with Deforum, and much more!