Quick Start on using AI to render images using Disco Diffusion

A very beginner focused tutorial on how to use Disco Diffusion with Google Colab.

00:00 Start

00:06 Introduction of Text to Image AI renderers

01:15 Beginner’s Tutorial for Disco Diffusion Prerequisites

01:40 Beginner’s Tutorial on Disco Diffusion and Google Colab (Interface)

05:33 First steps

06:56 Simplifying Tutorial Diffusion Page

10:00 Set Up tab

12:48 Diffusion and CLIP model settings tab

13:33 Settings tab

22:49 Diffuse!

23:49 If you want to Save Individual Steps of the Render

26:41 Creating variations on Renders

27:46 The way I work given my experience with Disco Diffusion

29:16 Example 2

31:58 Differences between rendering online and locally

34:27 Where to ask questions, my Discord server

36:25 Outro

Youtube – chippwalters