Descript Storyboard: Preview & Demo

A redesign of Descript built around a transformative new way of making video. An unreal number of new features — templates, premium stock media, multitrack screen recording, AI green screen, new transitions and animation controls, crop, rotate, and lots more.

00:00 CEO Andrew sets the stage: Where we’ve been, and where we’re headed

01:27 Introducing Descript Storyboard: A transformative new way of making video

01:51 An explanation of Scenes

02:34 A tour of the all-new Descript

04:02 A look at new features: Crop & rotate, visual effects, green screen, and more!

04:46 The new streamlined timeline

05:29 The new insert toolbar

05:34 Templates: Choose from the gallery or make your own

05:57 The media library drawer: Stock media, gifs, and more

06:18 Integrated multi-track camera and screen recording

06:32 Demo: Scenes with Lara who the Video Producer

08:41 Demo: Video Producer Tiff shows how she’d make Lara’s video with a traditional editor

10:21 Demo: New video podcasting features with Andrew L, the Senior Engineer

11:54 Demo: New ways to create shareable clips for social with Christiana, the Community Manager

13:43 Demo: New internal collaboration tools with Jay, the Head of BD and Sales

15:02 Wrapping things up with the CEO Andrew