Beat Ai with This One Skill

Chris Do and Kevin Lau, Executive Creative Director at +MODE by MOCEAN shed light on the role of human discernment in shaping the future. They illustrate how personal intuition and an individual’s distinctive “taste” become the differentiating factors in a world saturated with AI outputs.

Chris’s journey from Silicon Valley’s raw aesthetics to his cultivated taste further emphasizes the potential of personal evolution as a counter to AI’s growing dominance. It’s not just about knowing what’s good; it’s about understanding why it’s good and how you can bring that nuanced perspective into your projects, initiatives, and innovations. For anyone looking to harness their distinct taste as a powerful tool against the omnipresence of AI, this talk serves as a profound guide. Dive in, and discover how to mold your aesthetic senses into a unique asset in today’s tech-driven landscape.

In this episode:

00:00 – Skills You Need to Leverage AI

00:59 – How to be Prepared as a Future Creative?

01:13 – Your Edge as a Creative

02:08 – Artists’ Secret Weapon Against AI

03:10 – Can ‘Taste’ Be Learned?

05:19 – Chris said WHAT 😲

06:37 – The Importance of Educators