Stardust, New tool from from Adobe

Adobe have just changed the world of graphic design forever with a groundbreaking new tool. Dubbed ‘Project Stardust’ this tool takes Ai (artificial intelligence) to new levels within the world of graphic design.

Now at this stage, we have only been shown sneak-peaks of Stardust, and have only had a glimpse at what it can do for us graphic designers. But what I have seen is truly awesome. It looks like it’s going to take the graphic design workflow into new realms of speed and efficiency. The Ai that Adobe has built seems to understand things within imagery such as different objects and assets, within microseconds. Designers can interact with and edit such objects with just one click, and no need for prompts or coding. Adobe have also stated that Stardust isn’t an standalone app. Rather it’s a system they’ve built that will be integrated into things like Adobe Firefly, Adobe Express and so on. I’m excited to see if they also decide to include it into Photoshop and maybe even Illustrator. Now that would be interesting for the world of graphic design and our design workflows.

Now some people may state that the work of graphic design doesn’t need a new tool such as Adobe’s Stardust. But it’s here and this is another step forward into the future world of graphic design. And so with that, as designers, we need to embrace it and move with the flow. More is going to be revealed at Adobe Max literally one day after this video goes up onto YouTube. And so we will soon learn a lot more about Stardust and everything it entails for the world of graphic design.