10 logo design trends and ideas for 2023

It’s that time of the year again, when we ask our designer community to tap into the zeitgeist, paint a picture of the logo landscape, shepard us through the creative wilds… Basically, we ask them to tell us the trending logo design styles of 2023. In this video, we’ll talk through the logo styles you’ll see everywhere this year, from liquid mercury to modern art deco.


00:00 – 2023 Logo design trends

00:19 – Throwback liquid mercury font

00:29 – Playful line doodles

00:39 – Retro red liners

00:54 – Twists on traditional designs

01:05 – Distorted geometry

01:24 – Loosely interpretive lettermarks

01:35 – Mysticism and mythology

01:52 – Submerged in sci-fi

02:02 – Modern art deco

02:16 – Molecule-inspired abstract patterning